dimanche 16 mars 2014

Something magical #1

I may have a tiny tiny bit of an obession for Harry Potter, but only a little.

Ok maybe more than a little, maybe a huge obsession. I definitely am a Potterhead.
I grew up reading these books, I laughed, I cried, I prayed with all the characters, and I still can't get bored of it. It makes people laugh most of time when they realize how crazy I am about all things related to Harry Potter, and, I must admit, my enthousiasm for it probably should have fade by now. But obviously not, and to be honest, I am so very glad it didn't.

I recently managed to put my hand on all english version (and first editions) of Harry Potter, and for my delight, started to read them again (never mind if I read them all a thousand times in French already).
Anyway, a couple weeks ago I purchased two amazing books that I have wanted for so long (since last year when I first read about them); and these are The Unofficial Harry Potter Knit book and Charmed Knits.I went completely crazy when I got them, and of course, I desperatly want to knit every single project in those two books. 

My next big knitting project will be the Weasley jumper, then the Ginny sweater, and then... then! I will knit Dobby socks (Dobby is free!) for everybody! I already warned the people closed to me : next christmas they will all receive Harry Potter socks, I suspect none of them will actually enjoy it, but I surely will enjoy knitting all these.

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