vendredi 4 avril 2014

Spring sewing #1

I go so crazy about sewing that I kinda am developing an obsession about it. When I decided I wanted to learn how to sew a year ago, I never thought I would fell in love with it. 

I am no expert, and as a terribly lazy person, most of the things I do are far from being perfect (but I always find a way to hide it. More or less), but god, I enjoy that sewing machin noise so much! 

I enjoy it for so many reasons: It always makes me proud to answer "I made it!" when someone tells me that he/she likes my outfit, I don't have to worry about wearing the same clothes as everybody else, or have to go shopping in noisy shops anymore, AND (best thing of all) it is SO MUCH CHEAPER
Like REALLY cheaper. I went town to buy some fabrics couple weeks ago, I was looking for a daisy printed coton but ended up bying (among others) this navy blue, geometrical printed fabric. And it cost me, well, nothing (actually it cost me 10€ and I made two skirts, a shirt and a maxi dress out of everything I got, zippers included: such a bargain).

Cost me a great deal deciding what to make out it, kimono or maxi skirt? Maxi skirt or kimono? I went for a maxi skirt; as the fabric is see-through I added a petticoat underneath, and a zipper on the back. I thought it would look a bit more clean with a zipper rather than an elastic. 

Spring is slowly taking place here and I cannot wait to wear this, only problem is: here's an other piece of clothing I'll have to find room for in my suitcase when I'll leave for Canada. Something tells me I may need to stop adding clothes to my wardrobe for a while, at least until I move out